research paper on iconic fashion logos studio

Research paper on iconic fashion logos

An analysis revealing the design patterns of 130 iconic fashion logos.

Institution: AMFI – Amsterdam Fashion Institute

Theme: The Business & Marketing of Icons

Sub Theme: Building a Brand/ Designing New Icons

Why do logos look similar across the fashion industry? What are the defining characteristics of these logos that make them look and feel authentic & fashionable? This paper examines the recurring elements of iconic fashion logos, revealing the components that form an archetypical fashion brand logo. Inevitably proving that such characteristics are used frequently and can act as the design basis for new fashion logos. A large repository of 130 iconic, industry-leading, fashion logos were collected and analysed based on numerous recurring characteristics, resulting in the discovery of multiple visual elements distinctive for iconic fashion logos. Five of the most common visual elements include; Founder name, Monogram, Founding location, Uppercase typography and the Color black.

Based on thorough research, this study proposes five ‘design patterns‘ which designers and brand managers can choose to adhere to or reject when designing ‘new’ fashion logos.

Keywords: logo, visual identity, fashion logo, graphic design, branding.